Webinar: How YOU can have Martial Arts School Summer Success!

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When: Tuesday, June 13th @ 1:00 p.m. EST

4 Clever Ways to Generate 20 (or more)
New Students in July Without Spending $1 on Ads!
  • 2 Community Outreach Programs that Create Tremendous Good Will, and Drive New Students in the Front Door at the Same Time!
  • How You Can Engage THOUSANDS of Laser Targeted Prospective New Students in June and July, on the Cheap.
  • An Almost Always Overlooked Strategy that Can Generate Hundreds of New Prospective Students in Just 15 days.
  • How to Get Tens of Thousands of Dollars in Free Media Attention While Serving Your Community.
  • How to Tap Into a DEEP Eager Pool of Potential Adult Students in Your Area.

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