Get Dozens of New Students with the Bully Proofing Program


2654460_3703Every successful business fills a need for its clients. Your school is in the business of self-defense.

You might not know it yet, but the school bully can help your school double, even triple your income by offering bully-proofing with AMSkids.

You can never be too sure about your children’s safety. One of the biggest threats children face is other children. AMSkids meets the needs of parents in your community by helping children train against bullies.

When you show parents what AMSkids has to offer, parents will be lining up to enroll their kids in your empowering program!

AMSkids is a complete curriculum that focuses on more than just kicking and punching: Philosophy that teaches kids about the core principles of the martial arts and learning activities that help students build their life-skills as well as fun martial arts activities and games. AMSkids gives students the self-confidence and discipline needed to deal with bullies.

There’s really nothing else like it! Students will flock to this program! Here are some of the features you can share with parents looking for a solution to their bully dilemmas:

Full SchoolTheme-based activities that teach principles and values: More than just a physical martial arts program, AMSkids provides unique materials that set your students apart and help build their “Yes, I Can!” attitude. Students will learn not to solve their problems through lying, cheating, or violence.

Self-defense from self-confidence: Developing self-confidence comes when students start to see their physical practice paying off and learn techniques and principles of self-defense. Training kids to build their self-confidence means they may never have to use their physical self-defense.

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Discipline and respect: Through careful presentation of martial arts traditions, the
AMSkids program teaches children how to show respect to others and for themselves. A child who knows the rules and plays by the rules is not a threat to others.

Attracting the bully-proof audience is just one of the many benefits of running the AMSkids After School Program. AMSkids gives you the marketing materials needed to grow your student body and a step-by-step curriculum that will have any instructor teaching your new students like a pro!

AMSkids is designed to attract the broadest spectrum of students to boost your enrollment numbers through the roof. There’s never been a program as fun, educational, and as dedicated to helping you teach the martial arts to children with ease and confidence.

Find out more about how AMSkids can double and even triple your income:Untitled design (43)

• Summer camp maximizes your income!

• Eye-popping professional promotional materials get students in the door!

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