Showcase Your Martial Arts School in the Memorial Day Parade


Showcase Your Martial Arts School in the Memorial Day Parade

Many communities around the country hold a Memorial Day parade, and that provides a big crowd for you to showcase the benefits of martial arts training. It also provides an opportunity for you to fill any remaining open spaces in your Summer Camp.

Memorial Day falls on May 29th in 2017, so if you haven’t already contacted your Chamber of Commerce (or whoever sponsors the parade), it is definitely time. Call them immediately and register to march.

Put up a registration sheet in your school for students to march (put on demos) in the parade, and for students and parents to register people for their first introductory lesson. You can sell Community Appreciation Enrollment Cards or just give away a free week of trial lessons, but whichever way you choose, be sure to schedule that first lesson and get contact information. Your registration team should be almost as big as your marching team, if your goal is to recruit new students.

Putting on exhibitions while marching in a parade isn’t easy, unless you know how. Call your marketing consultant at 1-800-275-1600 for advice. You will certainly be the talk of the parade and get lots of prospective new students for your traditional classes and for your Summer Camp! This once-a-year opportunity can start your summer enrollment off with a bang!

Call your AMS marketing consultant 1-800-275-1600 to find out how you can get the promotional materials, the student activities, and especially now, the promotional plan to fill your camp and your school for the summer!