Skyrocket Your Enrollment at Your 4th of July Demo


Skyrocket Your Enrollment at Your 4th of July Demo

Just make plans to attend the local fireworks display in your community.

If they have a stage, make a reservation to put on a demo as close to the fireworks display time as possible.

Get or bring a table to set up right by the stage.

Before, during, and after your demo, sell Enrollment Cards.

Better yet, have your entire demo team walk through the crowd in uniform, strike up martial arts conversations, and sell Enrollment Cards for two hours before the demo, and for whatever time is left after the demo and before the fireworks begin.

The 4th of July fireworks show is one of the few times of year when people are sitting and waiting for something, and willing to talk without rushing off to do something else. You and your demo team can talk to people about the benefits of the martial arts and sell Enrollment Cards with or without a demo (of course the demo gives you more excitement to build upon).

Contact your AMS marketing consultant at 1-800-275-1600 to discuss different ways to work the crowd from the stage, from the table, or while walking around. We have new research on the best combination of free and paid cards to offer. If you don’t have Enrollment Cards, now is a great time to get some and start getting new students!

In addition, we have a Smart Card promotion for fireworks vendors. ATLAS members get fresh, new promotions like this one every month to increase enrollment and income. To find out more about ATLAS, go to or call the number above for instant access.