Kung-Fu Curriculum Development, Part 2

Business development concepts are a must. Many artists and their families suffered financially while growing up, so many artists feel this is selling out when, instead, the greatest blessing is to be self-supported through your art, as it allows you to help grow it more and affect more people. Being broke and poor doesn’t inspire people, especially teenagers, and as a matter of fact, people still criticize others who choose the martial arts as a career. It’s just that many of them haven’t been exposed to the financially successful people in this industry; and don’t get me wrong, true wealth is from the inside out—but if you don’t find a

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Professor Willie
is a 7th degree black belt and 7-time sport karate and kung-fu world champion. He has appeared in 4 movies, 16 stage plays, 11 television shows and two videos. He is also the national spokesperson for the Stronger than Drugs Foundation and the Champions Against Drugs.