Add 100 New Students and $100,000 with the Enrollment Card Promotion


Enrollment Card

Communities and martial arts schools go hand-in-hand.

Without a community, there can be no martial arts school.

 By the same token, communities need martial arts values more than any other time in history!

Look at what’s going on in the U.S. today: 67% of Americans including 12 million children are suffering because they are overweight. As a result, our health care costs are skyrocketing. The recession has caused about 80% of Americans to feel bleak and that there is no hope. At the same time, about 40% of our martial arts schools had closed down, and that number goes as high as 50 – 60% in some states during the recession.

Too many school owners are suffering from financial pressure and feel hopeless about their future because they feel they have no control over enrolling new students.

I’ve always believed that we can turn this crisis into an opportunity.  screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-5-09-01-pm

Martial arts school owners, I have great news for you:

You don’t have to worry about enrollment and income any longer! I am proud to introduce to you the Community Appreciation Program, which is also called the Enrollment Card. I know you will love it because if you want to add 100 additional new students, you can easily with the Enrollment Card. If you want to add $100,000 in income, you can easily with the Community Appreciation Program.

The AMS Marketing Research Team has invested years plus a lot of money and energy to create this amazing program. It is truly an enrollment solution and a marketing solution.profit

Our communities need the strong spirit of the martial arts, and at the same time, martial arts schools need new students. The Community Appreciation Program is helping the community and the community is helping the martial arts school, which is a win-win situation. It is copyrighted by AMS. If you are not familiar with AMS, consider the average martial arts school as the hardware, and AMS provides the software to make the school run effectively. The most expensive personal computer in the world is just a box of circuits, metal, and glass without the software. Without software, it just doesn’t work as anything but a huge paper weight. Likewise, a martial arts school without proper management is just a building with some people inside. It will not function as a martial arts school without the proper systems. AMS provides those systems: marketing systems, management systems, even instructional systems that help your school work at peak efficiency.

If you want to have a successful school, use AMS. If you want your school to grow, use the Community Appreciation Program. Go to to see some different samples and then call 1-800-275-1600 and speak to a marketing expert who will show you how to jump start your new enrollment and gain control of the number of new students you get every month!