AMSkids can be the Backbone of a Successful School


AMSkids can be the Backbone of a Successful School

Senior Master Kirk Pelt has had an AMSkids program for over 15 years now, been the host and a key speaker at the Martial Arts Leader’s Summit, and are the President of one of the strongest martial arts organizations in the world. We caught up with him in Orlando to find out how these programs contribute to a successful school.

MAWmag: Master Pelt, we’ve heard stories about Instructors struggling with their schools in tough economic times or when they first open, yet your schools seem to be strong in any economy. How have you avoided the same kinds of struggles?

KP: The economic crisis didn’t even come close to my school, and one big reason is the AMSkids program.

MAWmag: OK. How has the AMSkids program helped your school stay strong?

KP: The AMSKids after school and summer camp programs that are fantastic income generators no matter how the economy is going because they are always needed by working parents who have children.

MAWmag: Aren’t after school and summer camp programs hard to run?

KP: I wouldn’t even try to run one without support because you’ll be on your own. ATLAS Software and the AMSkids program provide monthly support materials and free unlimited professional consultation, which makes it simple because you get step-by-step instructions for successful promotion, management, and instruction.

MAWmag: Isn’t an after school program just glorified babysitting?

KP: Not at all. Sure, if you turn the kids loose to do whatever they want, you are more like a zookeeper than a martial arts teacher. On the other hand, if you have organized activities that teach martial arts philosophy, you are a true martial arts educator. We find that our after school and summer camp students have better technique and better etiquette than our traditional night time children students because they spend more time in class and more time in the do jang. Anyone who thinks it’s babysitting just doesn’t understand the program.

MAWmag: How much increase in monthly income can a school owner expect from summer camp?

KP: To make the potential clear, you must understand that each summer camp student is worth between 4 and 6 times as much as a traditional student in income. That means 70 summer camp students is like having 360 traditional students at a minimum. You can literally double or triple your income during the summer.

Q: How much increase generally occurs in your school during summer camp?

KP: We have a goal of 150 new enrollments for the camp alone. Last summer we earned $100,000.00 in summer camp income. In addition, we get more enrollments in our traditional program as a result of the summer camp and our AMSKids program.

MAWmag: How do Summer Camp and the AMSKids after school program affect retention?

KP: Again, there are a lot of working parents who need the programs. They are not using discretionary income. They are required by law to have a safe place for their children while they are at work. We are not a luxury, we are a necessity.

The AMSKids program with summer camp has greater value to parents than any other after school or camp program because it develops life-oriented skills and builds character in their children.

MAWmag: You are the president of a strong organization with many branch schools. Do all of the branch schools use the AMSkids after school and summer camp programs?

KP: Yes. We’ve found that the AMSkids program is the quickest and surest way to insure one of out branch school’s success.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to say to our readers about the AMSkids program?

KP: This program is the key to many school’s success across the country. I know of hundreds of schools who count on the AMSkids program for financial stability and provide a needed service in their community. If your school doesn’t have one, it’s time for you to start!

Senior Master Kirk Pelt will be appearing on the MAWnews monthly teleconference on August 8th at 1:00 pm Eastern Time. To attend the webinar, click here: or call 1-800-275-1600 to learn how to start your AMSkids after school program.