Branch Schools: Organize Your Martial Arts Organization



Are you one of those schools lucky enough to belong to a large organization? Are you fortunate enough to get guidance from headquarters on your business and instructional needs?

AMS has a special tool for you. Our ATLAS complete school management solution provides software that allows schools to share information with their headquarters. With your permission, your seniors can examine your data, run your reports, and get a clear picture of your strengths and weaknesses. They can then provide a clear direction for your growth and improvement based on fact, not on hearsay.

If you are one of the leaders at headquarters, you can see trends in growth or decline over weeks, months, or years. You can get Atlas-iMac-tm1the data that shows why one location is doing well, and another is not. You can use our goal setting software to help all your branch schools set new growth goals and then measure their success toward achieving those goals on a weekly basis. It is an amazing power tool to build your success.

To find out more about getting your organization organized, call 1-800-275-1600 or go to and discover how ATLAS can open up practical lines of communication between your headquarters and your branch schools.

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