Heres What AMS Members Are Saying About AMS Billing Service!


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Put AMS on your side, and you and  your staff can spend more time training amazing students and promoting your martial arts school.


Let AMS full service Martial Arts Billing handle all of the tuition collection issues.


Not only do we get your students caught up and back to class, but we get them to WANT to be in class longer.


It’s hard to act as an accountant, collection agent, and telemarketer — and effectively run your school at the same time.

With AMS full service martial arts billing you won’t pay the price of other high cost companies. In addition, you won’t have to hire a ton of professionals to get the job done, because AMS does it all for you.

Still not convinced you need AMS Billing for your martial arts school? Just take it from current AMS members who have used our billing services and software!


 I did as the AMS consultants advised by using the marketing tools and letting the AMSbilling do my collecting for me, and my school became a top notch school in no time!” -Master Won Bae Kim


Since 1997, AMS and I have been building a fantastic professional relationship. AMS services have enabled Black Belt World to grow tremendously because of their accurate billing and effective consultation. With the help and guidance of AMS, I went from having 1 location to operating 6 full time schools. In the 6 locations I presently operate there are around 3000 students training in the martial arts. I intend to grow with AMS for a long time to come.”  -Grandmaster Jun LeeSifu-Paul-Miller

 We used to do our own billing. Letting AMS handle our tuition has saved an enormous amount of time and taken a huge weight off our shoulders. Now we talk to students about instruction instead of chasing them for money.” Master Paul Miller

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