One EASY Step That Changed a Martial Arts School Owner’s Life

new life
An Inspiring Turnaround See if you recognize this story: A dedicated martial artist, we’ll call him “Master T” to protect his privacy, opened a modest martial arts school. He had a very high level of skill in the martial arts, but his school wasn’t doing very well. He had a day job, and taught martial arts at night. His few students barely covered the bills of the school, and he couldn’t seem to get ahead. He wanted to quit his day job and focus on his school, but he just couldn’t afford it. Does that story sound remotely familiar? Do you know anyone like that? In addition, his wife was

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Master Mike Bugg
is an 8th degree black belt and the owner of a 1.5 million-dollar-a-year location, with one of the largest after school and summer camp programs in the country.