Mental Curriculum

Mental Curriculum
When people come into my school as white belts, they have a three-part Student Code, or student creed, by which they must abide. We tell them right up front: These are the three things you must reinforce whenever you’re doing anything dangerous, whether it’s a ski jump, or a bungee jump, or martial arts lessons, or anything else. I believe in myself. I’m confident and I can accomplish my goals. People ask, “Have you ever had a day when you didn’t believe in yourself?” Yeah, and we’ll say it twice on that day. You have a right to believe in yourself and your potential. I believe in what I study.

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An-Shu Stephen Hayes
has authored 20 books, worked as a body guard for the Dali Lama, supervised over 30 school locations worldwide, and was named “A legend; one of the 10 most influential living martial artists in the world” by Black Belt Magazine