Practical Curriculum

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When I look around at martial arts schools in general, I think we’re pretty radical. We took the ninja martial art that I studied in the 1970s—how people fought in Japan in the 1500s, and their specific principles—and, over some years, I took those principles and overlaid those with modern, American street protection needs. So it is a very pragmatic martial art. When people come into my school, we have a Level One which lasts from eight months to a year, depending on how often people come in. People practice 12 different fights against padded targets; they practice with themselves in a mirror, and they practice with a training partner.

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has authored 20 books, worked as a body guard for the Dali Lama, supervised over 30 school locations worldwide, and was named “A legend; one of the 10 most influential living martial artists in the world” by Black Belt Magazine