Secrets to an Effective Trial Lesson

Instructor with child.

Secrets to an Effective Trial Lesson

The trial lesson has long been a fantastic tool for bringing new students into your school. Many a school owner has seen their enrollment skyrocket through the utilization of trial lessons. There are certain tips, however, that can be followed to ensure amplified success for your trial lessons.

Engage the Audience – In general, those who are in attendance at most trial lessons are new to the martial arts. They may have heard about it from a friend or family member, or they may simply have seen your advertising and chosen to come in. Either way, this will be your one and only chance to engage them in the excitement and camaraderie of martial arts.

Utilize High Energy – Across the board in life, people are attracted to things that are fast paced. Show people something that has an edge to it, and those people will immediately feel it is something they must be a part of. Everyone has seen a movie or television show based around martial arts at one time or another in their life. Offering people the opportunity to share in that charisma will always be appealing.

Educate – It is important to keep in mind that this is a trial lesson. While it is important to both engage and entertain, it is fundamental to remember that the people in attendance are there to learn about martial arts. Most people have, at best, a vague understanding of what it means to holistically pursue the best for themselves in mind, body, and soul. Your role in this situation is to inform them that martial arts teaches just that.

Motivate – Quite often in life people see a good thing right in front of them, but simply lack the motivation to reach out and grab hold of it. As a successful instructor, one of your roles is to be able to motivate those around you. This is especially true of those who come in for a trial lesson. Provided your lesson goes as planned, everyone there should be thoroughly impressed with both you and your school. Your final key is to give them the motivation they need to sign up and start classes.

These four components will provide you with the necessary tools to conduct your most successful trial lessons to date. You will be engaging, high energy, educational, and motivational. This combination is sure to give both you and your school an exemplary record and reputation in your city.

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Chief Master Tim McCarthy - Editor
is a martial arts educator with a master’s degree in education and a master rank in the martial arts. He has been instrumental in developing two industry-changing programs, plus has directed and been featured in hundreds of martial arts videos and webinars.