Teach High Energy Martial Arts Classes for Greater Retention and Enrollment

How does a martial arts instructor know when the energy is high in his classroom? Simple, when he sees his students sweat! He can see them sweat physically, mentally, and morally! Why? So, your students will feel better, both physically and mentally. Number 1: To sweat physically is easy to tell. The students will sweat all of the bad toxins out of their sweat glands through the pores of their skin. You can physically see the sweat dripping from their bodies. Then they will shower and clean the bad toxins away and feel so much better. Their bodies will be in better physical shape and the students will feel stronger

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Known as “The Master Systemizer,” Master Toby Milroy has positively influenced more martial arts schools then anyone in our industry. He has built a successful multi-school organization, lead the national trade association for the martial arts industry, and coached some of the most successful martial arts school operators in the world.