Three Reasons to Add Foam Swords to Your Martial Arts Classes


Three Reasons to Add Foam Swords to Your Martial Arts Classes

First of all, because they are foam. They are safe. The latest technology has enabled us to take the danger and pain out of sword fighting.

The direct effect of fighting with real swords is death or dismemberment. The direct effect of fighting with wooden or bamboo swords is improvement in skill, but the side effect is pain, as we get hit over the head, in the throat, or on the knuckles with the practice sword. A foam sword does for sword fighting what Novocaine did for dentistry – it makes it painless. The direct effect of fighting with foam swords is fun, and the side effect is an improvement in skill.

Second, because they are swords. Swords are fun and exciting. They are a great equalizer. It’s not the size of the sword, or even the size of the person holding the sword, but the skill of the swordsman that counts. It doesn’t matter how big or strong you are, a five foot, 100 pound woman can carve your heart out if she is skilled with a sword.

Sword training is a true martial art. It requires balance, focus, speed, timing, accuracy, and discipline. You can reinforce all the principles you teach in your regular curriculum when training with the swords.

Third, because they are your classes. You want your classes to be fun, but also educational, and definitely different from the classes in the school down the street.

Do you tend to lose a large percentage of your students at a certain belt level? Introduce foam sword training into your curriculum at that level and watch your retention soar!

Do some of your student’s eyes glaze over when you start talking about philosophy and principles? Introduce foam sword sparring, and watch your students see the principles in a new light. There’s nothing like a hit over the head to help you focus a little better.

Do you lose a lot of potential students to the school down the street? Let them see your students practicing with foam swords, and watch your enrollments take off!

What’s the easiest way to add foam swords to your classes? Order the Ki Kum Do Instruction Pack from AMS. Call one of their expert Marketing Consultants at 1-800-275-1600. It’s comes with an instructional booklet and DVD, and doesn’t require you to become a sword master before you start the program. In fact, you can have the program up and running in as little as a month, adding fun and excitement to your classes and extra income to your bank account!