Create a Healthy Income for Your School with the “Be Fighter Fit” Promotion!


Create a Healthy Income for Your School with Higher Retention and Enrollment from the “Be Fighter Fit” Promotion!


FitMarch is National Nutrition month, so it’s a great opportunity to highlight the importance of nutrition in daily life and in the martial arts. The “Be Fighter Fit” promotion will teach your current students and people you invite from the community how to eat properly to maximize their martial arts training. You can make learning about nutrition fun and interactive as well as increasing your retention and enrollment!


A person can train and exercise every day but without the correct diet, they won’t see the results they want. In order to achieve total fitness, you must eat the proper food conjunction with your training. At the Be Fighter Fit Promotion, you’ll attract your current adult students who want to compliment their training with a nutritious diet. This promotion will also appeal to adults in your community who are looking to lose weight in a safe and effective way. Both of these types of customers will help your school increase retention and enrollments. By providing coupons for a free class for both types, the non-students will be more likely to want to attend a trial class and as a result more likely to enroll. Your current students will take a free class as motivation to continue their training with your school. The “Be Fighter Fit” Promotion benefits everyone that takes part!


The entire month of March is National Nutrition Month so you can really have the event at any time in the month. We suggest choosing an afternoon or night on the weekend so more adults can attend, since most people work during the week. As soon as you choose a day begin to promote the event. You can even do this before your AMSnews pack arrives by creating an event on your Facebook Page. Make sure to post about the event regularly to remind participants and get them excited. When you receive your promotional materials, hang fliers up at your school where students sign in or at your front desk. Hang posters throughout your community as well at high traffic locations. For example, post offices, libraries, malls, groceries, gyms, parks, etc. You can even contact your local academic schools and ask them if you can hang fliers in the school and leave them in the office. Use Atlas to send automated messages to your participants that sign-up to remind them of the event.


The promotion will take place at your school. This is an opportunity for non-students to get comfortable at your school, so they’re more likely to return for a free class or trial lesson.


Ensure that the non-student participants fill out the contact information on the sign-up sheet so you can follow up with them after the promotion. After all participants arrive you can begin a brief lesson about the kinds of foods you need to eat and what foods you should avoid to compliment your martial arts training. After your lesson the participants will compete in the “kick cravings” obstacle course. You will need to create an obstacle course with the “obstacles” being things that people crave. You can call a kicking pad, “chocolate cake”, a punching bag could be an “ice cream cone”, you can use whatever equipment and “cravings” you want. Once everyone completes the course explain that it’s time for a reward. Next you will make a healthy, nutritious snack using the lesson you taught in the beginning of the event. You can get delicious and nutritious recipes at You have to choose something that doesn’t need too much prep work due to time constraints and it can’t be something that needs to be cooked. There are plenty of recipes that would work for the promotion. (You can either provide the ingredients you’ll need, get them donated by local restaurants or markets, or ask each participant to bring one item). Of course, once everyone has finished the recipe they can now enjoy their nutritious snack which will reinforce how tasty eating properly can be. You can move directly into the next activity even if some people are not finished eating. The final activity is a trivia game based on the information you provided about nutrition in the beginning of the event. You can also use martial arts trivia. After someone has won, begin the awards ceremony.The first place winner will win a gift certificate to a health food or grocery store so they can begin eating properly ( you can get a gift card/money card donated). The second place winner will receive a coupon for a free one on one lesson and the third place winner will receive a $5 off a $20 pro shop item. When people begin to leave make sure you thank them for attending and give them a coupon for one free class. This will motivate your students to continue their training at your school and encourage non students to enroll in a trial course. Make sure you take plenty of photos and videos throughout the promotion to post to your Facebook page. Your students will create a healthy lifestyle and you will create a healthy income for your school.

Follow up

After the event upload any photos or videos you took to Facebook or Instagram. Gather all the contact information from the sign up sheets for the non students that attended the promotion. Call or email them thanking them for coming and asking how they liked the event. Tell them about the benefits of the martial arts and explain the classes and programs you offer at your school. Remind them to use their coupon for a free class and make an appointment for it with them.This will ensure that return for a second visit and are more likely to enroll. Call or email your current students and ask them how they like the event and thank them for attending. Remind them to use their coupons. This will keep them coming back to your school to continue their martial arts journey.

As always, AMS would love to get your feedback on the promotion so your future events can be the major successes you want. Check out the materials you could get here or Call your friendly AMS marketing consultant at 1-800-275-1600.