Reach Out to Local Adults With a Singles Self-Defense Night


Reach Out to Local Adults with a Singles Self-Defense Night

Valentine’s Day can be a joyous occasion for couples, but it can be an especially lonely holiday for singles. You can provide a unique, fun way for singles to meet and possibly find that new love interest for Valentine’s Day while increasing the enrollment at your school!

By sponsoring a Singles Self-Defense night a week or two before Valentine’s Day, you provide a fun way for singles to get to know one another and learn a little self-defense at the same time. Members of the class just might find that special someone they would like to see again on Valentine’s Day.

As you are probably aware, there are two ways to market:

  1. Bring prospects to you, or
  2. Go to the prospects.

In most cases, going to the prospects makes more sense because you can get the benefits of someone else’s marketing. Instead of finding singles and inviting them to your school, you can save time by finding local singles organizations and offering to present the Self-Defense night for them. They will tell all their members about the event, and you just show up to a ready crowd.

Now, if the singles organization doesn’t have a suitable facility, you can invite them all to your school, and that is even better! You gain the benefits of their network while keeping the benefits of bringing the prospective members to your location.

Contact local singles organizations in your area through Internet searches. Many churches have groups, so that is also a good place to start. If you google Singles and (your city name), you will probably get too many singles groups to serve. Pick the best ones for your school. You may even invite several groups to one event, if they agree with your plan. The more who come, the more potential dates they will find, and the more new students you can enroll.

You may find that although you will introduce some couples to long-term relationships with each other, you will probably introduce more singles to long-term relationships with the martial arts. The Enrollment Card is the best way to start their martial arts journey.

AMS has an outline for the clinic that will make preparation and presentation much easier for you. Call your AMS marketing consultant at 1-800-275-1600 or go to to see some of the materials you could get.