The 10 Things You MUST Do to Thrive, Part 1

dollar signs
1. Premium Pricing is the Quickest Route to a High Net. Know your value and price your tuition accordingly. We are not in an industry where low price buys market share. In almost all cases, all low prices do is limit your revenue per student and convince your students of your limited value: “Absent other criteria, price determines perception of value.” It’s my belief that you should be in the range of $200 a month for a new student’s lessons in your school. I’d recommend two to three months’ down payment to initiate a minimum of a 12-month initial contract for lessons, presented as, “A Quarter of the Way to

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Grandmaster Stephen Oliver
is a 9th degree black belt and is the founder and CEO of Mile High Karate schools and founder of the Martial Arts Wealth Mastery Program, formerly Extraordinary Marketing.