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A Case Study of one of our Fans:

American Academy of Martial Arts, Clovis and Fresno CA

Master Thomas H. Levesque is a 7thdegree Master Instructor. His love for the martial arts started at a young age in the mid 70’s with the influence of his family members as well as the martial arts movie industry. Master Levesque is a patriot as well as a martial artist, and joined the NAVY, where he specialized in nuclear medicine. He received his 7th degree Master Black Belt on May 16th, 1998, From Grandmaster Dick Pulsifer. Master Levesque founded the American Academy of Martial Arts in Clovis in 1986. Soon after in 1989 he opened a second location in Fresno, CA.

Master Levesque teaches two different styles of martial arts: Aam Ka Jutsu which stands for Science of American Martial Arts, which is a mixed martial art to be used for practical self-defense. The other style is Bu Kara Do which means “code that we live by” and is filled with characteristics that every student should see in themselves, which helps students develop skills they can use in school, at work, and in various other aspects in life.

Master Levesque teaches children as young as four years old and has students well into their eighties. He really enjoys teaching children with special needs and it makes him happy to see the improvements and the smiles on their faces as they progress. Since the 1980’s, he and his wife have seen lots of marital arts studios come and go. They, too, took a hit during the recession 2008-2009 and their student numbers went down as result. However Master Levesque continues to succeed through his devotion and passion for the martial arts.

His biggest challenge to this day is to help spread the interest of martial arts to the masses. He is also faced with the challenge of staying current in a society inundated with technology and the modern students’ busy schedules, striving to remain flexible and adjust his program to match the needs of the changing times.

Master Levesque has a scholarship program that has generated funds for children in need of an outlet for physical and mental release that can’t afford marital arts. He has also built an academic program that encourages his kids to do well in school by getting recognized for their accomplishments in class. His high standards on and off the mat have brought his school much success as well as respect in the community. Master Levesque is passionate, dedicated, and always ready to learn and challenge himself as well as his students, which is why his schools enjoy longevity and a great reputation in the Clovis and Fresno communities.