Baytown Black Belt Academy


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A Case Study of one of our Fans:

Baytown Black Belt Academy
Instructor Andy Faina

Instructor Andy Faina started off his career as an IT professional for Walmart at their corporate offices in Bentonville, Arkansas. The company wanted to keep its staff and families active, so they offered martial arts classes at a local Taekwondo school as part of the health and fitness program. At first he registered his son, who seemed to enjoy it. After seeing what they were doing in class and the progress his son was making, he decided to join the class. In 1993, he found it very fulfilling for his mind and body, and by the time he became a brown belt he knew he wanted to embrace the lifestyle and spread his knowledge to others. His son was still training, and they both received their black belts at the same time. It was a great accomplishment for father and son.

Shortly after earning his black belt, he left his job in Bentonville, Arkansas to relocate to DeSoto, Texas, while still working in the IT field. He looked for a martial arts studio to practice, but there were few. He decided to open up a small school to teach Taekwondo. One might think he started the school with his son, but no, his son was off to college and working on a different career. In order to become a certified instructor, Instructor Faina had to go through an intense training, so by opening his own school he was able to accumulate the necessary training hours needed to graduate. In 1999 he received his First Instructor Camp Certification while continuing his full-time IT work.


In 2006, he moved to Baytown, Texas, left his full-time job and opened Baytown Black Belt Academy, which still stands today. He continues to be a freelancer with IT work in the morning to keep his IT skills, but his main passion is in helping develop honest and skilled human beings. Instructor Faina is now a 4thdegree certified instructor and is looking to obtain his 6thdegree black belt and become a Master by 2025. He has been part of the American Taekwondo Association for the last 26 years and is proud to share the association’s tradition and beliefs. He’s biggest challenge has been to preserve his school with a good number of students. He has learned over the years that worrying and stressing about his school too much doesn’t get him anywhere. He feels the number of students may fluctuate at times, but overall if you appreciate the present time, give the best of yourself to your students, and be the most real with yourself, you will get far in life. He has currently reached full capacity for his space and his goal is to find a bigger space to be able to accept more students and educate more people about the benefits of the martial arts.