Guerrero’s Shotokan Karate


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A Case Study of one of our Fans:
Guerrero’s Shotokan Karate

Roberto O. Guerrero has operated Guerrero’s Shotokan Karate since 2006, and is currently located in Blue Springs, MISSOURI – United States

Guerrero’s Shotokan Karate focuses on teaching Children and Adults, the art of Shotokan, Aikido for children and Adults, Okinawan weapons and Phillipino Arnis, and has been in business since 2006.

Currently Guerrero’s Shotokan Karate has roughly 40 active students.

School Description:

Our school is 1100 square feet and in a prominent business area.

Roberto O., the owner has an accomplished martial arts background.

I started studying Martial Arts in 1973 in my home town of Zamora, Michoacan, Mexico under the instruction of Sifu Juan Villalobos Trujillo, 7th Dan in the system of Chinese Pa Qua. I was awarded a Brown Belt in this system. Sifu Trujillo only awarded four belt ranks and only tested once a year.
After I graduated from College, I started teaching at a Technical High School, where I taught Automotive Technology. At this time. I started an after school program and the criteria to remain in the program was good grades, no drugs and no pregnancy. This program continued for over four years, until I moved to Kansas City, Missouri with my family. It took me 10 years to become a part of a Martial Arts school. For 10 years I trained on my own because I was working two jobs. I started taking classes and went from a Yellow Belt to Brown Belt within a year. For seven years I did an after school program at St. Vincent De Paul in an inner city area primarily working with African American children. At this program I taught an anti-drug and anti-gang curriculum. On January 6, 2006 with the support of my family, I opened my first school as a 3rd degree Black Belt. At the present, I hold a 4th Degree Black Belt in Shotokan. I earned my 4th Degree in October 2009. By our Federation’s policies I have had to wait 5 years to be tested for the 5th degree. My Marital Arts studies and my school have brought me great happiness and joy for which I am very grateful to the Lord. The experience has been such a blessing.

Q & A With Roberto O. Guerrero

Do You Have a Black Belt Club/Master Club/Leadership Program (etc.)? – Yes

Are You Currently an AMS Member? – No

Do You Currently Use Any School Management Software Applications? – No

Do You Currently Provide Transported After School Programs?
– No

Do You Currently Provide a Student Newsletter to Your Students (and Prospects)?
– Yes

Do You Use the “Enrollment Card” Promotion to Drive New Students into the School Each Month?
– No

Is Your Martial Arts School Website Optimized for Lead Generation?
– Yes

How Many Leads Does Your Website Generate Each Month? – 10-15

What Are the Biggest Successes and Breakthroughs You’ve Had Growing Your School? – When I opened the school in 2006, there was a financial issue with a partner which I had to overcome. My partner told me in 3 months he would close me down and take over the school. Not only did I have a split with my partner, I had to go back to my old organization, Midori Yama Budokai. With the support of my family, my two oldest daughters, Jessica and Magally, assisted me to continue with the school. They taught classes for the children and assisted me in every way. After my daughters left for College, my son Luis took over in helping me teach. Not only was I able to overcome this obstacle but, eight and a half years later, I am still teaching and the school has continued and has grown steadily. During the economic downturn, when gas prices increase, I was faced with a challenge of either closing or moving to another location. Thanks to a Pastor of a church, I was able to continue the school by renting space inside the church. That helped me regain financial stability. In 2013, I was able to relocate to a store front in a very visible location. My faith carried me through these changes and the school is not only growing but is debt free. I am very proud in a humble way, my school is a success and it is a dream I brought with me from Mexico to share in the United States.

What Have Been Your Most Successful Marketing Systems/Strategies Over the Last 12 Months? – Our website has been our most successful marketing tool. Our after school program has also been very successful for marketing.

What Are Your Developmental Goals for the Next 5 Years?

I want to grow the school to at least 200 + students.

Biggest Challenges You Face Growing Your School

The economic down turn, job losses. Families have less disposable income.