House of Martial Arts, Oakdale, PA


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A Case Study of one of our Fans:

House of Martial Arts, Oakdale, PA

Instructor Gino Bovo is a true martial artist. He was born and raised in New Castle, PA with a deep passion for the arts. In 1989 he was teaching in his garage part time as well as working as a drafting engineer. At that time, he had a dozen students which made it very stressful at home. After 09/11 things at his job began to slow down and he was fortunate enough to become an instructor full time. Instructor Bovo opened his school in 1998 and went full time in 2001. He has a unique style of shotokan karate as well as Jidokwon with Jiujitsu grappling and boxing worked into his comprehensive program.

Instructor Gino Bovo has been the owner of House of Martial Arts in Oakdale PA for 20 years! His school is celebrating their anniversary this year! His love for the martial arts started within his family. His first cousin was his Sensi. He was one of his Sensi’s original students back in 1982 and the only one out of the original 12 to earn his black belt.

The House of Martial Arts is located in a storefront that has apartments above and is about 1200 sq. ft. Instructor Bovo has over 100 students and he teaches students as young as 4 years old. He is a man of the people and a hard working martial artist.

His unique curriculum keeps things fresh and exciting for his students. He is often open to suggestion for the lesson of the day from the students and also encourages his students to step up and teach the class. Instructor Bovo believes in healthy competition within his school. His students enjoy his rendition on the classic pick up game HORSE, called KICK. His national landmark within his school is his black belt wall. This is something that any visiting black belt gets to sign to commemorate their visit to his school. It started off as a fun project and now he has signatures from martial artists all over the world.

Instructor Bovo has a loving wife and two beautiful daughters. His youngest daughter earned her black belt in 2015. It was a very special occasion for him as he was able to present his daughter with his own black belt. Instructor Bovo is a husband, father, brother, and prominent positive figure in his community. He is also a member of the Eastern USA International Martial Arts Association.

It hasn’t all been smooth sailing for the House of Martial Arts: One of their greatest challenges was back in 2004 when Hurricane Ivan hit the area. His entire town was flooded. The street that his school was on was flooded with 9 feet of water due to a creek behind the school. Luckily he was able to teach out of a church’s preschool facility. He was also faced with the familiar struggle of martial arts instructor vs businessman. Through consultation with his friends and after a great experience at the Las Vegas super show, Instructor Bovo began to utilize a billing company. This caused a shift in the paradigm and the school really flourished.

Instructor Bovo is a great example of a someone who has taken his love for Martial Arts and developed that into a wonderful business. He truly gets to live the American Dream.