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Get Martial Arts Supplies from Vision on the MAWnews Feature!

Are you looking for new martial arts equipment and supplies for your school? We are proud to introduce you to Vision USA Inc, one of our...

Connecting Your Martial Arts School

Chief Master Bill Clark shares how his school is connected to the Internet.
martial arts marriage

Have a Happy Martial Arts Marriage

In many ways running a business and working with a spouse can be a blessing; but it can also be a relationship killer for some.

Motivate Your Staff to Increase Productivity

Strong leadership and a sense of direction are hallmarks of almost all successful businesses. Effective leaders and managers engage with their workforce to build commitment....

Five Refresher Tips on Martial Arts Business Etiquette

  As the owner of your martial arts business, you understand the value of every single customer who walks through the door and you treat...

Yin and Yang Hapkido Drills

Master David Herbert demonstrates a simple self-defense system from Hapkido that can easily be adapted to other martial arts.

Show Parents How Your Program Can Bully Proof Their Kids

Bully Proof and create a Bully Free-Zone Every successful business fills a need for its clients. Your school is in the business of self-defense. You might...

Physical Instruction: Sparring

Monday & Tuesday  Life Meditation (Attitude) Power Exercise & Driving Exercise Alternate sparring: 16 Basic attacks with the Top 10 Successful Habits (Like...

Hapkido in High heels: Women Using Shoes as Weapons for Self-Defense

On a rainy evening, about 30 women, most wearing high heels, gathered in a midtown Manhattan rehearsal space and engaged in a series of...

Improve Your Martial Arts Instruction!

Advanced Basics and Self-defense Monday & Tuesday Natural Meditation 1-4 Power exercise & Breathing exercise Advanced basics with action philosophy (Create mental, moral, financial, and...
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