Martial Arts Marketing Magic: Spin to Win


Martial Arts Marketing Magic: Spin to Win

spin wheel

Chief Master Bill Clark has had remarkable success in recruiting new students to his schools recently using prize wheels similar to the one you see on Wheel of Fortune.

There’s just something magical about winning that makes a huge difference. You can give away free lessons, sell introductory courses, but when someone WINS a prize, it just takes on a whole different value.

The First Thing You Need is a Wheel

You can find all kinds of wheels for all kinds of prices, but the most economical source we have found is only $19.95 at Search for “carnival spinner” or call them at 1-800-875-8480. You can find many more choices, probably with higher quality, by searching for “prize wheel” on Ebay. You will see a wide variety of wheels beginning in the mid-$40 range. We strongly recommend you buy several.

Next, You Need Prize Packages

Depending on how many slots you have on your wheel, develop at least 4 different prize packages. If your wheel has a lot of slots, you can offer the same prizes several times.

Here are some ideas:

  • 2 Weeks of Classes, a School Uniform, and foam Nun-chucks.
  • 2 Weeks of Classes, a School Uniform, and a Bo (Staff).
  • 2 Weeks of Classes, a School Uniform, and a Board (to break).
  • 2 Weeks of Classes, a School Uniform, and a Kicking Target.

You can try to write the prizes in the slots on the wheel, but it is much easier to just use the numbers already on the wheel and have a list of prizes that correspond to the numbers. If someone seems disappointed at the prize they won, let them spin again. The point is to get them excited about winning a prize, and then make an appointment for their first lesson right there, before they walk away. The sooner you can get them into the school for that first lesson, the better your chances of enrolling them while they are still riding the wave of excitement from winning.

You Will Also Need a Crowd

The beauty of the Spin to Win wheel is that it increases your results from any marketing plan. Anywhere you go to be part of a crowd is a good place to use the prize wheel. If your elementary school has a Spring Carnival, use the wheel to get appointments. If your town has an art festival, use the wheel to make appointments. At the Memorial Day Parade or the 4th of July fireworks display, use the wheel to make appointments. If you teach PE Classes at the local elementary school, use the wheel.

Chief Master Clark had tremendous success in the movie theaters. He rented a table in the theater lobby, and everyone who came in to the movies on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday was invited to Spin to Win. He filled his appointment book and his classes.

Another option Chief Master Clark used was mall kiosks. They rented kiosks in the mall during Christmas Shopping Season and paid non-instructional staff members to get people to Spin to Win.


Once They Win

The first lesson is all about the prize they won. If they won a board, teach them how to break the board. If they won a kicking target, teach the child and the parent how to use the target for practice. If they won a weapon, teach them a short weapons form. Make an appointment for their second class and enroll them in your school if they are ready.

For the second class, they receive their uniform. For the third class, they receive their belt. The prizes create an incentive to come back. Enroll them for one of your longer courses whenever they are ready. Use this exiting Spin to Win idea to double the number of trial lessons you get from any marketing event, or to make a marketing event out of nowhere.

As always, call your AMS marketing consultant at 1-800-275-1600 for more information and to discuss how to customize this great event to your individual needs.