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Kids on field trip.

AMSkids will Increase Enrollment and Income

This unique after school martial arts program provides a place for elementary age children to go and have fun learning rather than being bored...
Zulfi Ahmed teaching

Grandmaster Zulfi Ahmed: The Secrets to Building 40+ Locations – ...

MAWN: To anybody thinking about multi-school development, about organizational development, this is a critical and fundamental truth and reality. I know that it’s been...


Mike Bugg column

What Goes In: Grading Your School’s Snacks

Any after school program worth its salt will provide some kind of snacks for its students (some states even require this by law). You...
Stephen Oliver column

Don’t Confuse Activity with Accomplishment, Part 2

Don’t be “Busy being Busy.” Productivity = Enrolling, Renewing, Retaining This is simple but important: looking at a computer screen during “prime time” is wasting...
Dana Abbott column

Street Wise Knife Fighting

In the world of knife fighting, there is an unspoken rule: go in, cut, and get out unscathed. It’s that simple, but we often...
Tom Patire column

Look Left To Right and See All In Sight

When we speak about training, especially the training that is involved in executive protection, we tend to think it is more physical than mental....
Stephen Hayes column

Is Poverty Mentality Hurting Your School?

Tennis and golf—these are considered upper class activities. Generally speaking, the martial arts are not usually considered high class. I had a person point...

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Great Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee

The Legendary Father of Tae Kwon Do in the U.S. The name Jhoon Rhee and Tae Kwon Do go hand and hand. Through his determination...
Ninja Fighting Techniques

Stephen Hayes Publishes His Latest Book, Ninja Fighting Techniques

Stephen K. Hayes, the world’s leading expert on Ninjutsu techniques, has published Ninja Fighting Techniques, in which he presents the Ninja “Five Elements” system...
Arrogant man

The Reverse Side of Intelligence Is Arrogance

There is a mechanism that is intrinsic to the human being and to the way his thinking is organized, to the way his brain...

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ISKA Disney Resort

ISKA US Open Announces New Dates

The ISKA US Open, held annually in Orlando, FL, has released the newest dates for the rescheduled tournament. The event will be held at...
Masters and Pioneers martial arts Chuck Norris

AMAA Chuck Norris Martial Arts Masters & Pioneers 2nd Edition Released

The American Martial Arts Alliance Foundation (AMAAF) held its Who’s Who in the Martial Arts Hall of Fame Award Ceremony and Leadership Conference on...
martial arts authors month

Martial Arts Authors Month Honors Legend Chuck Norris

The American Martial Arts Alliance Institute, founded by Jessie Bowen, has declared November Martial Arts Authors Month. The event promotes martial arts authors and...
ISKA Championships

US Open ISKA World Championships Rescheduled for July 2021

ISKA has rescheduled the 2020 US Open for July 1–3, 2020 at Walt Disney World in Orlando. The US Open World Championships will also...

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Choi Kwang Do Martial Art & Self Defense

Martial Arts World News magazine is your #1 source for Martial Arts Business News We are profiling martial arts schools and organizations of all types...

Pilsung ATA Martial Arts

Martial Arts World News magazine is your #1 source for Martial Arts Business News We are profiling martial arts schools and organizations of all types...
Han's Martial Arts

Sun City Martial Arts

Han’s Martial Arts has been operating in El Paso, TX, for over 40 years and has over 400 students. Last February, Master Abraham Han...
martial arts world

Martial Arts World of Lake Mary

Chief Instructor Juan Villamizar opened his 2,400 square foot school a few years ago in a prime location, teaching seven classes a day. Like...


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