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Get the 3 Keys to Running a Profitable Pro Shop

Surely you can use more revenue in your martial arts business! You can unlock the doors to a profitable pro shop that generates $1,000 – $2,000 in additional income every month, and it’s easy to do when you use the three keys for pro shop success. Key 1 – The Right Set-up Your pro shop must have an appealing look to catch the eye of your students and visitors. If you have a physical pro shop, it needs to be clean, well organized, and perfectly located. Each of these aspects presents a professional appearance and leads to customer interest. Sounds simple, right? But why are so many martial arts pro

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Mr. Sun Kang
Mr. Sun Kang
is the President of Vision Martial Arts Supply, Los Angeles Branch, who helps school owners all over the US maximize their retail sales and drive more revenue into their schools.

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