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Getting the EDGE!

Simply put, when you deal with any hostile situation, you deal with the moment, and that moment relies on what, how, and where you’re attacked. One must realize that an edge weapon is a very up-close and personal weapon. Unlike the firearm, which projects an object by pulling a trigger, the edge weapon slices and dices and does unforgiving damage, especially if the blade is serrated. Pulling the trigger on a firearm is much easier than getting close with a blade and shredding your victim. I consider an edge weapon a very personal and vengeance-type weapon. As one convicted murderer told me during an interview for a book I wrote:

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Grandmaster Tom Patire
Grandmaster Tom Patire
is known as “America’s Leading Personal Safety Expert” and has appeared on Good Morning America, The CBS Morning Show, The Colbert Report, Montel, plus in mainstream publications such as Family Circle, Redbook, Fortune Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal. He has written several books and has personal safety programs that can be incorporated into your martial arts school, available at TomPatire.com.

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