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The Transformation Brand

Transformation is not an end in itself; it’s not a onetime event; it is a process of constant change, adapting and flowing from the inside in order to be a complete person physically, mentally, and spiritually. This image is ingrained in all you do as a company, a brand, and a leader. Today’s state of affairs, everyday challenges, and social pressures can make one feel so doubtful. Especially when what you’re measuring as transformation is the dollar sign, and the profit margin is more important than the empowerment of another. I was fortunate that, at my lowest point of despair, in a jail cell ready to call it quits, a

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Professor Willie "The Bam" Johnson
Professor Willie "The Bam" Johnson
is a 7th degree black belt and 7-time sport karate and kung-fu world champion. He has appeared in 4 movies, 16 stage plays, 11 television shows and two videos. He is also the national spokesperson for the Stronger than Drugs Foundation and the Champions Against Drugs.

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