East Coast instructor Camp 2019

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A week-long camp to not only gain your certification in Jeet Kune Do Filipino martial arts and jiu-jitsu and training with some of the best guest instructors in the world but also to attend workshops on every aspect of building and running a business.

You will learn everything from when to go from a sole proprietorship to a bigger legal entity and how to know if an LLC or c-corp is right for you to Basic Marketing and building a brand the basics of social networking and modern online marketing and so much more. You will even be provided all the forms that you need from your enrollment forms and media releases to the three different forms of waivers that you may need all forms will be specific to your state of origin and customized to meet their specific state laws. There's more benefits than can be mentioned here don't miss it whether you're one of the 100 people that attend in person or the 200 people that attend be out our web stream for more information contact us today and be sure to ask how you could even receive $1,000 if you attend in person