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If Teaching Great Classes is Important to You, You’ll Appreciate AMS Billing


Improve Summer Attendance in Your Martial Arts School

One solution is to give your students a goal by creating an in-school tournament in early to mid-summer. Everyone trains harder when they know they…

FREE Tool of the Month: ‘Parent Appreciation Day’

Mother’s Day is the best day of the year to have a Parent Appreciation Day. It is a wonderful retention event that can help you…

Must Reading Material for Life or Business


The Benchmark of Successful Property Investment

an Interview with Grandmaster Jun Lee Grandmaster Jun Lee owns several martial arts school buildings and has accumulated great wealth due to his wise property…

GTMA Offers Break Through Health Insurance Options for Licensees and Their Families

GTMA is thrilled to announce its latest offering: the GTMA Benefits Center. This new benefit will provide GTMA licensees, their families, and staff with access…

Reason and Magic (Part 1)

Shizen culture had a very interesting insight into the elements that made up people. They talked about the three heritages: genetic heritage, which they obviously…

Do You Serve Martial Arts Professionals?

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Actor Ben Affleck Studied Malaysian Martial Art for “The Accountant”

Ben Affleck revealed that he studied Silat for the action thriller, “The Accountant” . “Silat is a martial arts technique that hasn’t been seen in…

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