“We Doubled Our Income in Less than Half a Year with Amazing Sites!”

The Obesos- Cesar D. (left) and Cesar A.

Cesar A. and Cesar D. Obeso – father and son duo – of Cesar Obeso’s Black Dragon Karate wrote us to share their story and how having an Amazing Site from AMS has benefited their business:

“ On October 20th, we opened the doors of our new martial arts studio to the public and closed the month out with around 18 students, more than half of which were existing students from teaching at our local youth center.

“We had just signed a 2-year lease on our new location and although we were excited and determined to fill the school with new students, it was going to require us to hustle and work without any guarantees that we would be successful.

“We knew that our biggest challenge would be to bring in new students consistently while increasing the retention of those already enrolled.Amazing Sites

“Just recently we had received an email about a martial arts seminar that was taking place in Los Angeles a few weeks away and decided to attend, hoping to learning a secret or two about building a successful martial business. So with the event tickets purchased, flight and hotel booked, on November 13th, we flew out to LA for the MA Management Summit and it turned out to be the best investment we’ve made for our martial arts business.

“We returned from this event knowing how to obtain more prospects, enroll more students, and keep our students active in our programs longer. We returned with access to an incredible system and software for managing our school, a dynamic and effective website, and all the systems in place for us to begin growing our business.

“Most importantly though, we came back with the belief that it was possible and confident in the value we are offering through our programs. We were now confident that we could raise our rates (which we have now more than doubled) and still enroll, confident that we could keep students engaged and active year-round, and confident that we had the tools necessary to grow this business even in a tough demographic.Amazing sites


“We are now three months into the business and are just shy of 50 students enrolled in 12 month agreements, our website is ranked 3rd on the first page of Google for our area, and we have over 50 prospects plugged into the marketing automation software for us to convert into new students.

“We are extremely pleased with our progress and are excited for the direction we are headed thanks to the leadership and coaching from our team at AMS.”

We are so happy that the Obesos are happy because ultimately your success is OUR success. To find out how YOU can get an AmazingMartialArtsWebsite, please call 1-800-275-1600.