“My Martial Arts Summer Camp Earned $250,000 in 10 Weeks”

Raining money.

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 Martial Arts World News: What was your enrollment goal for your last summer camp and how many children actually ended up participating?

Mike Bugg: Our goal for Summer Camp was 150. We ended up having 175 children in our camp. So we exceeded our goal by 25.

MAW: What kind of income did your summer camp generate?

MB: We had a goal of generating $175,000 for the ten week camp. Last year’s camp was phenomenal because once again we exceeded our goals by earning $250,000. In other words a quarter million which was $75,000 more than our initial goal.

MAW: Why is it important to have business goals for summer camp success?

MB: It is very important to have business goals to take your business to next level. This is going to help you with your personal goals. Financially, you want to be able to take care of your school and your family without worrying. You want to have more income coming in than going out.maxresdefault

MAW: When do you need to begin preparation for next year’s summer camp?

MB: We start preparing in September for the following year. Camp has just ended and everyone is excited, which makes it an opportune time to get them re-signed for the next camp. Plus, it’s a great time to get referrals from the parents for other campers.

MAW: Does your summer camp help the after school program increase enrollment?

MB: Yes, summer camp is very important because it carries over in the after school program. Some parents may think that you just run a summer camp and they may be in need of after school care, but don’t realize you have a program available. Once again, it is an opportune moment to have them sign up for the year in your after school program.

MAW: What makes each day in your summer camp exciting?

MB: Our staff is very enthusiastic and their enthusiasm is passed along to the children. The AMS materials in the monthly support have so much variety and something beneficial for the kids. The children also love field trips like bowling and swimming. Another favorite activity for the children is acting class.Summer-Camp-720x300

MAW: How does the AMSkids monthly support package help you best?

MB: I don’t have to do anything. I just have to follow the guidelines for every hour. The structure saves me time because I don’t have to come up with the ideas. It’s for me and my staff to follow as a guideline to run a safe and effective program.

MAW: How can a summer camp help a school owner just starting out get to the next level of success?

MB: This is the best and fastest program to grow your school. It will improve all of your other programs like your after school and night time program by increasing their enrollment indirectly. It is the fastest way to double your revenue.

MAW: Can a summer camp program help a school owner who has been in business for a long time?

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MB: Absolutely, because most people in business are trying to reach new heights, but they find themselves at a plateau. It also helps when a school owner is feeling burnout to reenergize because this program rekindles the fire by putting excitement back into your school. Making a lot of income quickly also boosts your energy too.

MAW: Why would you say that the summer camp is one of the best programs for a school owner to build success?

MB: It is lucrative because people need summer camp. It’s a great promotion for all of your school’s programs because more people have to come to your school and they end up seeing your other offerings.

MAW: How beneficial is it to your program to have your AMS marketing consultant?

MB: AMS is like my coach and without my coach I won’t be able to get to the next level. They are premier martial arts business leaders with a unique tool that will enable you to grow to the next level of success. They provide me with support. They are well-trained, professional, and stand in my corner pushing me to make it to reach for higher levels of success.

MAW: Why would you recommend running a summer camp for any school owner?Brochure(Tri-Fold2.0)

MB: It’s an opportunity to achieve financial freedom. Without financial freedom you’re not going to be able to be successful in other areas of your life.

MAW: What advice would you give a school owner before running a summer camp?

MB: If you’re not an AMS member, contact AMS to get yourself set up because their guidance is very important. If you are an AMS member, the first thing you need to do is get the starter kit to guide you in running this well-rounded program.

MAW: What advice would you give a school owner after they run a summer camp?

MB: Once summer camp is over, get started on running your AMSkids program to continue that growth in your school. Also continue working in your community, so you build the reputation for changing lives.

MAW: What are your goals for this year’s summer camp?

MB: Our goal is to have 300 signed up by May and we are on track to do that already. We will be moving into our 10,000 square foot building. We will be continuing to maximize every effort to help out the children in our community.

MAW: What advice would you give to other school owners?social-suport-network

MB: If you want to go to the next level, get with a great support network like AMS or Martial Arts World. Always associate with people who are going to be a help to you. Always set higher goals.

MAW: What makes you the most proud about your school?

MB: I am proud that we changed the direction with our curriculum. We teach a more exciting curriculum that causes everyone to be excited to learn and we have staff.

MAW: What are your goals for this year?

MB: Last year our after school, summer camp, traditional, and home school programs earned $70,000 a month. We’re on track to have 300 summer campers, 200 after school, 400 night time, and 200 home school to earn about $135,000 month this year.

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