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Martial Arts Retention: Keep Your Students Long Term

Martial Arts Retention: Keep Your Students Long Term There are four main problems that cause students to quit and decrease your school’s martial arts retention. These problems are easily solved. The Problem: Injuries. Pushing students too hard can result in student burn-out and possible injuries. The Solution: It takes an alert instructor to be sensitive to the varying physical conditions of their students and to adjust their workouts accordingly. Most injuries in the martial arts are avoidable. Proper warmups, controlled sparring, a noncompetitive atmosphere, adequate supervision, proper safety equipment, and teaching the “Do” aspect of martial arts will help insure a safe learning environment. The Problem: Negative Feedback. Some students take it personally when they are told

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Grandmaster Tim McCarthy
Grandmaster Tim McCarthy
is a martial arts educator with a master’s degree in education and a grandmaster rank in the martial arts. He has been instrumental in developing two industry-changing programs, plus has directed and been featured in hundreds of martial arts videos and webinars.

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