Shamrock Hunt Promotion


Find Yourself a Pot ‘O’ Gold with The Shamrock Hunt Promotion!

Feel the luck of the Irish with this February promotion: The Shamrock Hunt! Invite your current students and children from your community to attend this fun filled event that’ll leave anyone who misses it green with envy. It’s similar to an Easter Egg hunt and the Great Pumpkin Hunt, but with a little leprechaun magic. This promotion will increase retention and enrollment and make you a pot of gold.


This promotion will give parents a night/day off from the kids and allow their children to spend time with their friends, win prizes and have fun. The hunt will make your current students happy and want to stay at your school. You can invite children from your community to the promotion.


At your local mall. Please provide the address on your posters and fliers, and directions in case parents need to know. St.Patrick’s day is on a Sunday this year. We suggest a weekend day/night because that’s when the mall is busiest. Make sure to promote the event on your Facebook page by creating a Facebook event for the promotion and post weekly to remind students and your community as it gets closer. You can use the promotional materials from the MA Biz Academy to promote within your school and in your community. Hang fliers and posters in your school, in common and high traffic areas in your town, for example, post offices, malls, grocery stores, libraries, gyms, etc. You can also talk to your local academic schools and ask if you can hang fliers at the school and leave some in the front office.


Prior to event you will need to contact your local mall weeks in advance to make sure you get it approved and can talk with each store to set up a partnership. This will help you establish a partnership with the mall to do promotions in the future. Explain to them that you would like to have a shamrock hunt throughout the mall. It’s a great way to promote the mall and get shoppers shopping in the stores.

Make or buy paper shamrocks, and attach candy, coins, and coupons to your school and to select stores in the mall that you’ve partnered with. Suggestions could be a percentage off a total, buy one get half off,  or whatever the store wants to offer.


For more details on how to run this fun activity, get the promotion materials from the MA Biz Academy. It is just one of many promotions for this time of year in the Seasonal Promotions. If you are not an AMS member and would like to get a creative and effective promotion like this every month, call your friendly business development consultant at 1-800-275-1600 to find out how you can gain access to the MA Biz Academy.