Tragedy Strikes, Will You Die, Survive, or Thrive? (Part 4)

Dave Kovar
Hanshi Kovar’s Program is More than Just Kicking and Punching, it’s About Becoming a Successful Man or Woman.
From the second mindset, you could think to use the sun to point you in a direction that is north and start walking, from the first mindset you’ll never make any progress.  In other words, action is a great remedy for feeling unsure about the future. So adaptability, attitude, and action are three things to focus on so you can effectively and successfully do business when the unforeseen occurs. There’s a story about how Thomas Edison gets woken up in the middle of the night by his son. The conversation goes something like: “Dad, dad? Yeah. What is it? Your factories are burning down!” How, this was quite a surprise

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