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A Diary of a Black Belt, Part 6

One year later 2nd Brown This test I was in charge of setting everything up. I spent the night in the Dojo and helped bring in and host the special guest Sensei Tanaka. I went to the lumber company and got the bricks and boards for the Test, set the chairs, tables and made all the refreshments. I had to get all the paperwork together, which was like preparing for a huge storm that you know is coming. Can’t believe I’m testing for second Kyu Brown, what a ride it has been!! Gotta go, Black Belts are arriving, I will write later if I survived!! Well, I am at the

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Sensei Gary Lee
Sensei Gary Lee
Sensei Gary Lee, the American Samurai, is a 9th Dan black belt, a USA Karate Federation gold medalist, winner of five Super Grand National Titles, a featured actor in the movie Sidekicks, and is the founder of the National Sport Karate Museum.

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