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A Garden is Just an “Until Then,” Part 2

Middle class, the great achievement of the West and the so-called state of “wellbeing” (not of “welldoing” like that of our grandparents!), had its days numbered. Only the financial collapse was missing. I’ve been trying to say that “the king is naked” for over 30 years! And for this very reason, I’ve always taken it upon myself to remain truly autonomous in matters of health, and as long as I could, I’ve even avoided being signed into that pyramid pension scam. I understand the advantages of the system, but you have to be blind to not understand that in the end someone has to pay that unsustainable bill. And this

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Shidoshi Alfredo Tucci
Shidoshi Alfredo Tucci
is the CEO and General Manager of the Budo International Publishing Company, a leading publisher in the martial arts with over 35 years in the Industry, including: Budo International Magazine and author of several books, The Immaterial Dimension, the Way of the Warrior and the Spirit. He currently lives in Valencia, Spain.

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