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An Epiphany From My Experience Why Students Might Leave (Part 1)

Have you ever had this conversation with someone and/or even a dialog with your own self? It goes something like this, “Well they were just not serious,” or “they never took their training seriously,” Or “I knew it from the start that they did not take Martial Arts seriously,” or that they “never connected,” or that they “never knew what was going on.” You know the emotion that I am referring to. Usually it was about the student or their parents. Well in some cases this could not be far from the truth. But in most cases, this is not at all the reality. It is what we want to

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Grandmaster Zulfi Ahmed
Grandmaster Zulfi Ahmed
has amassed acclaim as a world-class competitor, martial arts educator, and is most notably founder and designer of the internationally renowned style, Bushi Ban. With over 45 years of martial arts experience and over 300 martial arts awards, his schools include ten locations across Texas.

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