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Children and the Art of the Sword, Part 1

When we think about swords and martial arts involving swords, we seldom think of children. It seems that the cutting blade and young people don’t mix well…or at least that’s the belief in America, when in fact, I suggest that there are ways to introduce the sword at early ages with extraordinary benefits without introducing major risk of injury. If we look at Japanese culture, we find that many Kendo students begin their practice in the early years of grade school. Learning Kendo in Japanese grade school is like American kids learning baseball. Early in my teaching experience in Kendo, I had the pleasure of having a young Japanese girl

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Shihan Danna Abbott
Shihan Danna Abbott
is a 7th degree black belt in Kenjutsu, starting his 14-year education in Tokyo. He has published five books and designed a US Patent. Abbott has also conducted seminars in over 30 countries and obtained his black belt at the Hombu dojo in Yokohama. He currently offers online classes on LearntheSword.com, his unique swordsmanship academy.

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