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Garett and Mr. Harrison’s Wisdom – Stop, Maim, Disable, Destroy (Part 2)

I was running the exercise when Mr. Jim Carol Harrison and Garett’s Mother arrived. We stopped, and we all got up and bowed because a real legend had just entered the ballroom. Mr. Harrison asked me to stop the test and replace all the circled of 12 and 16 year olds and replace them with all black belt adults in the room. I replaced them all with black belts in the room, exactly what he asked me to do. I got adults who were dressed in Gi’s, plain clothes, people I knew were black belts, and even a couple police officers. It was about 15 big adult men surrounding my

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Sensei Gary Lee
Sensei Gary Lee
Sensei Gary Lee, the American Samurai, is a 9th Dan black belt, a USA Karate Federation gold medalist, winner of five Super Grand National Titles, a featured actor in the movie Sidekicks, and is the founder of the National Sport Karate Museum.

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