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Get 3 Secrets to a Great Beginner’s Class

Beginner’s class is the most important class in martial arts training. If you don’t have a great beginner’s class, it won’t matter how good your other classes are, because students will quit before they ever get to move up in rank. For this reason I strongly recommend that you teach a separate beginner’s class. When you just throw your beginners into your regular class, it can be very frustrating to all the students. Beginners have very different needs than more advanced students. When you put them both in the same class, one or the other will get frustrated, and your retention will suffer. All your classes must be educational, motivational,

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Grandmaster Kirk Pelt
Grandmaster Kirk Pelt
is an 8th degree black belt and is the President of a multi-million dollar, multi-school organization, has a 30 year track record of success, and is currently on the leading edge of martial arts curriculum and business innovation.

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