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Individuality vs. Adaptation, Part 2

Frustration is the first consequence to which we are not accustomed. When our attention existed in the very fact of adaptation, experts in it as we were, the loss or failure of targets was a daily occurrence we had to deal with in our lives. The prey after which we ran would escape most times, and if it was us running ahead, we’d be happy not to end up a beast’s breakfast and move on. Otherwise, there was nothing to worry about. Dead men have no friends. By placing the accent on the inside instead of the environment, on the reason instead of the instinct, humans enter into continuous contradictions

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Shidoshi Alfredo Tucci
Shidoshi Alfredo Tucci
is the CEO and General Manager of the Budo International Publishing Company, a leading publisher in the martial arts with over 35 years in the Industry, including: Budo International Magazine and author of several books, The Immaterial Dimension, the Way of the Warrior and the Spirit. He currently lives in Valencia, Spain.

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