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Regain the Adult Market


Over the past few years thousands of martial arts schools have closed in the U.S – most people say it’s because of the economy or the pandemic. Yet during the same period, the number of yoga schools in the U.S. has grown dramatically. Perhaps the excuses are not the real reason . . .

What has happened to the image of martial arts over the past few years? For one thing, the popularity on TV of UFC-style fights have made the image of martial arts training appear more violent. How many executives or soccer moms want to get grounded and pounded, and then limp through their responsibilities the next day? How many baby-boomers, the largest and wealthiest sub-population in America today, want to practice cage fighting? With many of them looking at hip or knee replacements in the near future, violent exercise is not very attractive.

Instead, they have apparently chosen an exercise program that is gentle on their aging joints, yet helps them feel better about themselves… yoga. 

Fortunately, AMS has an answer ready for you: Life Fitness Class. Grandmaster Y. K. Kim’s U.S. National Exercise is like yoga, only better. It is a complete body exercise, from fingers to toes, and everything in between. The movements are gentle, good for the joints, and incorporate Power Breathing to increase the health benefits. Because of the Power Breathing, we say it’s like Power Yoga.

There are standing postures, seated postures, lying postures, partner exercises, and a whole group of exercises you can do throughout the day. It is the perfect response to this growing need, ready and available to you today.

You can add these exercises to your regular classes, but we recommend that you open a place in your schedule for a class where you teach only the U.S. National Exercise. Morning or lunchtime would be good for these classes, as well as Saturdays.

To get a copy of the exercises, just call your marketing consultant at 1-800-275-1600 and order the New American Dream Package, which includes the U.S. National Exercise video. We also have several instruction packs: The Power Exercise Instruction Pack (a previous version of the U.S. National Exercise), the Power Breathing Instruction Pack, and the Power Meditation Instruction Pack. Any or all of these resources will help you start a great class to bring back some of the adults who wandered over to the yoga school down the street. 

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Master Tina Bane
Master Tina Bane
is a 6th Dan master instructor and owner of a Top Ten martial arts school with successful after school and summer camp programs.

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