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Remembering Beginnings: My Blue Belt Test and Sport Karate

Written in Memory of Sport Karate World Champion Joe Lewis R.I.P. My Blue Belt Test At today’s test for my Blue Belt, we were introduced to Sport Karate point fighting and let me tell you it is different than anything we have done in class up to this point. First of all, it is about Ippon, one technique knock-out or symbolizing a knock-down or knock-out punch or kick to a legal target area. It’s cool!! The only part I didn’t like is that we had to wear hand pads, foot pads, headgear, mouth pieces, and groin cups, way too much stuff! One of my friends told me about a karate

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Sensei Gary Lee
Sensei Gary Lee
Sensei Gary Lee, the American Samurai, is a 9th Dan black belt, a USA Karate Federation gold medalist, winner of five Super Grand National Titles, a featured actor in the movie Sidekicks, and is the founder of the National Sport Karate Museum.

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