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Strategies and Mindset: Where to Start and How to Play the Game!

Jiu-Jitsu requires smarts, patience, resilience and anticipation.  It is not uncommon that instincts get in the way of strategic thinking and improvisation. Little experience and absence of solid muscle memory prevents novices from flowing, connecting the dots in between distinct techniques, in a way that the sum of its parts can create a powerful whole.  A wholesome game requires patience and consistency.  An early attempt with little opposition is gradually tested against increasing levels of difficulty, which leads to the first strategy, the building of thresholds.  A single move is forged into a powerful technique by adding more opposition and imaginable scenarios of deliberate sabotage against that same move.  The

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Master Carlos Machado
Master Carlos Machado
Master Carlos Machado is one of the pioneers of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in the United States of America. Currently a Coral Belt, and promoted to Black Belt by Carlos Gracie Junior, Carlos Machado came to the USA in the early 1990’s with his brothers where they formed the RCJ Machado Jiu Jitsu Association, one of the strongest BJJ organizations in the world today.

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