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Monday, December 4, 2023

The Persistence Factor, Part 1

Reaching your goals, raising children, learning martial arts, running a business, running your life… is not really easy. It comes with long hours, road blocks, unplanned events, and a seemingly never-ending roller coaster ride of emotional and financial highs and lows. Just about every rider has hit the dirt, more than once. Broken or bruised their bodies, bones and egos but kept going and found a better way. Just about every parent struggles with raising their child and making decisions that didn’t turn out well. Almost every business struggles for survival at some point in its life. In fact, the average self-made millionaire has been broke, bankrupt, or financially destitute

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Grandmaster Bill Clark
Grandmaster Bill Clark
is a 9th degree black belt and a former PKA Fighter of the year. He is widely considered one of the top experts in martial arts business with over 30 years of leadership and innovation, having been inducted into almost every Hall of Fame in the industry. He is one of the largest multi-school owners in the world.

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