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The Top Ten Negative Habits That Keep You From Achieving Your Goals, Part 2

…and what to do about them. It might seem like the most successful schools are just lucky, or in the right location, or were born under the right zodiac sign, or whatever other excuse you can come up with to keep from looking at what YOU are doing, or not doing, to build a successful school. I have the opportunity to coach many schools in all types of demographics, from small-town, part-time clubs to big-city, full-time operations with hundreds of active students, and I’ve identified several key components that the most successful schools are willing to do that the unsuccessful schools don’t do. Take a close look at this list

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Grandmaster Lawrence Arthur
Grandmaster Lawrence Arthur
Grandmaster Lawrence Arthur has been a martial artist, specializing in Karate, Kung Fu, Kenpo, Shotokan, and Goja Ryu, since 1968. He owns 40 Super Kick Karate locations and is founder of the American Freestyle Karate Association (AFKA). A world champion and hall of famer, Lawrence also runs the Black Belt Success Systems consulting firm, which trains martial arts instructors on proper business practices and is used by schools all over the country.

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