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What Was Wrong with My Lifestyle? (Part 1)

First, I abused my body terribly with the wrong diet. I had a voracious appetite largely because of my aggressive martial arts regimen, but I didn’t know how to satisfy it properly. I ate and drank anything and everything, including fast food, candy, fried foods, and all junk foods, savoring every meal regardless of its nutritional value. All I saw was that it was food and I had to have it. I thought that since I practiced martial arts my body could handle a few transgressions. I had learned nothing from the last six times I was hospitalized. Whenever I was in the hospital, I just worried about my students,

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Grandmaster Y. K. Kim
Grandmaster Y. K. Kim
is the most successful martial arts business leader in the US, having written over 30 books on martial arts, business, leadership, and success. He has won numerous public service awards and is the founder of the leading martial arts marketing and management company in the US.

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