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Confidence Part 3: Increase Your Options

The fourth factor in building confidence, and the most important one, is creating options for yourself. The control you have over events, and therefore, the confidence you have, is in direct proportion to your well-developed options. Things that we perceive to be beyond our control cause stress and worry; if the problems we face are easily within our sphere of control, we rarely feel insecure. We are, instead, brimming with confidence. Your confidence in any major decision, such as changing jobs, moving to another state, getting a divorce, buying a business, or firing a key employee, will always rest on one factor: The quality of your well-developed options. It’s much

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Grandmaster Bill Clark
Grandmaster Bill Clark
is a 9th degree black belt and a former PKA Fighter of the year. He is widely considered one of the top experts in martial arts business with over 30 years of leadership and innovation, having been inducted into almost every Hall of Fame in the industry. He is one of the largest multi-school owners in the world.

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