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Developing Leaders Around You: Your Road Map for Success

In the old days, I was a strong proponent of “the ranks staying in the ranks” because I felt they simply could not get things done. I used to take pride in “wearing all the hats”. I believed I was outstanding and could do it ALL effectively and anyone that worked with me could not keep up or surpass me. If someone did the opposite of this, I criticized them and considered them a sell out. Stuck on myself, ego tripping, and the last of a dying breed – a common role for many Superstar Martial Artists. Since then, I have willingly “thrown in the towel” surrendering in order to

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Professor Willie "The Bam" Johnson
Professor Willie "The Bam" Johnson
is a 7th degree black belt and 7-time sport karate and kung-fu world champion. He has appeared in 4 movies, 16 stage plays, 11 television shows and two videos. He is also the national spokesperson for the Stronger than Drugs Foundation and the Champions Against Drugs.

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